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Welcome to Codechef!

Codechef is a creative Software Develpment solutions provider that has and continues produce technologically advanced ,customised IT solutions to our clients.We offer our latest technological solutions to our clients to ensure that growth ,broader business objectives as well as goals.We boast a team of technically savvy ,creative nerds to meet your every technological needs.


Our Mission

Our mission is to make sure that organisation utilise technology fully for the advancement and growth of organisations.

This is achieved by using our expertise as developers to identify problem areas and coming up with a customised solution for each client.

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  • Code-Chef

    Advanced Team

    Our team is full of well motivated , creative nerds…that will make your dream into reality.

  • Code-Chef


    In this technological age ,time is money..We offer timely solutions and feedback to our cutomers.

  • Code-Chef

    Design Brief

    You can give us your dream on paper and we give you technologically and customised solutions. functional system.We analyse your organisational need and we give u a customised technological solution.

  • Code-Chef

    Contact Center

    Feel free to contact our friendly agents that will help you in getting a customised quotation for you.



It was an absolute pleasure working with CodeChef team.The team is full of creative and dedicated individuals.They turned oyr dream into reality.They are very patient and they kept us updated every step of the way.We even felt like a part of Codechef development team.Our System was delivered before the deadline day.I would recommend any organisation that is looking for a creative ,funky organisation full of young minds to develop their systems and websites.Many thanks to the dedicated Codechefs team.

Tom King

  • Amorosa,Totius Road,
  • Amorosa ,Roodeport.
  • Phone: +27(0) 11-028-7682